You Mad?

Look at this boot-licking Hillary supporter make an ass out of herself on CNN. "Experience count"...so does grammar fool. Ann Price Mills you have FAILED.


Globetrot Dones said...

Man I'm glad you found this, I was online last night waiting for it to pop up on YouTube then fell asleep. THIS is exactly why I shoulda been watching MSNBC instead.

Lank Sinatra said...

This is an elected official?

America, women, blacks, people with sense, her district/ county/ constituency should all be proud of this.

I am sad.

Anonymous said...

Yea she's mad. And she's crazy. She's not a real Democrat if she's considering not voting because Obama kicked some ass in the primaries. I guess she doesn't care about the American Dream. I guess she doesn't understand how pivotal of a time this is.

Shellie08 said...

I hate how these r the black people they put on TV to represent us....OMGosh... Obviously she can't speak...She has 1990 butterfly clips in her hair...and obviously she's not a hardcore democrat n this moment in history means nuthin to her. This interview actually offends me as an AFRICAN AMERIKAN...n lastly...THIS SHIT IS CRAZY..lady go sit down!!