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man i have not mastered technology to add cool clips or music and that jazz. But I will use this forum as my little diary for my daily musings and such:

number of starbusts consumed at the start of this blog: Roughly13.
I stole some ginger ale and drank it while talking to the homie Gabe about moving to Portland.
I have just been called arrogant and impossible to work with by the same his people who just after asked me to act as a moderator for event.
I actually WANT to hear Solonge Knowles' album ... I have never wanted to peep any of Beyonce's.
I professor here and I spent a 20 minutes telling each other personal stories. She told other peoples business. I told her 2 or 3 personally embarrassing tales. I may or may not have lied. Someone might be trying to holler....
The Facts of Life, Welcome Back Kotter and the Golden Girls are the best shows with none black casts as far as theme music goes... CLASSIC Material.
During one of my 4-5 daily walks during work I ran into a man with an oversized suit with dollar bills printed all over it. There was gold trim and a matching hat, also with gold trim. I did nothing to hide the fact i was taking a blurry blackberry pic of this character. That will be added shortly
I need my medicine.
number of starbursts eaten since the start of this blog 9... not a good look
teeth all gritty and shit.

Pointless posts during work..... you're welcome


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Erika said...

I saw that guy in the south side yesterday!!!!