Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Born Jahmaiah Lewis to beautiful Trinidadian parents - Jams seems to be the new movement though. I hail from the dopest city of them all Brooklyn, New York. Got something to say about it? Let’s get at it.

I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. You may ask why did I leave Brooklyn – I left for school. I’m enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh which is where I met all of these awesome contributors on this blog. We have become a family. And I’m proud to be the baby of the family. I’m lucky enough to have dynamic and fervent people to look up to. We are beautiful, honest and I must say a dope family. As M.I.A. says “No one on the corner got swagger like us.”

I’m majoring in Communication and Africana Studies with high hopes for graduate school. I’m passionate about a lot of things – mainly Barack Obama, the welfare of Black people, social change, and fashion. I list those three because that’s what I’ll most likely be discussing on this here blog.

So stay tuned. I’m excited to see what this turns into.


Jay Lewis

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