Player Hater, turn your head 'round ....

More hate for Obama this time coming from Tavis Smiley, Cornell West and some lady. Apparently they are upset that he didn't talk enough about Black History during his acceptance speech. But these bamas need to realize that he's running for President of the United States and not King of the Black Folks. And beyond that, a person would sound foolish trying to talk about his own place in history that's for other people to do. Its pretty obvious that these old school Civil Rights characters don't really like the dude so they eat their Crabby Patties and drink their Haterade.

Take off that crown. You've been robbed....

Jake One + Freeway + Brother Ali

Jake One's White Van Music out 10/9. Only he would put a collab like this together. Lovely.

Jake One - The Truth (ft. Freeway & Brother Ali)

Rocafella & Rhymesayers. Things done changed.


Old School Saturday

So every Saturday we'll try to bring you AT LEAST one video from our days growing up. Here's a couple to help ya out on the long weekend.


Man, it's just a game, I just play it to play it... I put my feet in the footprints left to me

It looks like I'm one of the last ones to make an intro so here I am. My name is Briana, I am a 21 yr. young psych major at Chatham University in PGH. My passion in life is mostly helping people, particularly children so I want to become a child psychologist upon completion of my degrees. Right now I am an after-school teacher at an elementary school and I love it! I also am passionate about many other things such as music, FASHION, FASHION, FASHION, FA...ok I think you get it haha, some sports, counseling, and people so those are the topics you will here the most about from me. I really don't get into politics but after the wackness that has happened during my first year of college (2004) to present, I found it highly important and necessary for me to get more involved with politics because what happens in the government has an effect on me. I have been very inspired about the presidential campaign this year and am very proud of Mr. Barack Obama. I believe that he is the ideal candiate for President of the U.S. and will bring about much needed change. I could go on and on about his dopeness but I'll save that for another post. I also enjoy traveling, fun, and trying new things. I was very blessed to become friends with a wonderful group of people this past few months whom are all of the members of this blog. I have been through some very rough times with friendships so it is very refreshing to have you all in my life and I am highly thankful! You are all unique and dope and bring something special to the group. I also give a honorable mention to Mr. Brian Tolbert...he is the definition of dope; intelligent, handsome, charismatic, honest, loving, and funny as hell...I am so thankful to have him in my life and love him very much (sorry for the sappy moment yall).
Well that's me in a nutshell!


Keelay & Zaire Invade NYC

The boys take a trip out to NYC as they wrap up the album...

The Sole Vibe - Different Mornings

It's a new day yall.
Old music, new meanings.
From The Appetizer Mixtape (free download to your right).
This is the full version most of you don't have.

The Sole Vibe - Different Mornings ft. J Fish, Slo-Mo, AV & Mario Dones (prod by Zaire)

New Music from Keelay & Zaire ft. Planet Asia, Tash of the Liks, More

Thanks to the homies for holdin' down the blog over the past couple of days. I was caught up in DNC land. Back to the blog...

Here's some new music from The Sole Vibe's own Keelay & Zaire's upcoming album, Ridin High.
To be played only at high volumes...

I'm On Swerve ft. Tash, Da Evangillest and E. Jenks

Cali 2 NY ft. Hassaan Mackey, Planet Asia, Rosco and Slo-Mo

EIGHT is enough!!!

If your not watchin HISTORY happen...Open ur eyes!!! Neva thought I'd see the day!!

Obama Biden 2008


NCAA Football Is Back!

While everyone is focused on Obama (I watched that highly motivational speech too), I had to make sure directly after his last words I turned back to college football. I've been a waiting on some smash mouth, stiff arming, hurdling, juking, heisman motivated football since January.


Moreno and the Bulldogs are rated number 1 but they have a tough schedule. Let's see if this season plays out well again. Oh and Ohio State sucks. Go "U". (If your a fan of college ball you know who that is) We 1-0.

Blackout "Corso"


We witnessed magic tonight. Now we have a story, a historical moment to pass onto our children.

Barack Obama '08.

Latarian and Juan Epstein

Your boy Latarian who thinks "its fun to do bad things" jumps on the phone with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg


and then Grandma hollers her piece too.

We Need Titles! lol,<< Dones edit

man i have not mastered technology to add cool clips or music and that jazz. But I will use this forum as my little diary for my daily musings and such:

number of starbusts consumed at the start of this blog: Roughly13.
I stole some ginger ale and drank it while talking to the homie Gabe about moving to Portland.
I have just been called arrogant and impossible to work with by the same his people who just after asked me to act as a moderator for event.
I actually WANT to hear Solonge Knowles' album ... I have never wanted to peep any of Beyonce's.
I professor here and I spent a 20 minutes telling each other personal stories. She told other peoples business. I told her 2 or 3 personally embarrassing tales. I may or may not have lied. Someone might be trying to holler....
The Facts of Life, Welcome Back Kotter and the Golden Girls are the best shows with none black casts as far as theme music goes... CLASSIC Material.
During one of my 4-5 daily walks during work I ran into a man with an oversized suit with dollar bills printed all over it. There was gold trim and a matching hat, also with gold trim. I did nothing to hide the fact i was taking a blurry blackberry pic of this character. That will be added shortly
I need my medicine.
number of starbursts eaten since the start of this blog 9... not a good look
teeth all gritty and shit.

Pointless posts during work..... you're welcome


Watch Barack Obama tonight!

Just to remind everyone...don't forget that Barack will be speaking tonight. Please believ that this speech will be amazing and motivating. If you haven't already, check barackobama.com for a Obama DNC speech watching party in your area. I'll be at the one at David Lawrence Hall on Pitt's campus.

Obama/Biden 08!!!

Mos Def - A Mille Freestyle (LIVE)

This is the GOAT I grew up with...
Mos Def - A Millie Freestyle

LOL @ Asher Roth & Don Cannon feelin that ish HARD!

Props to 2dopeboyz for the footage

Great Day @ the DNC

So I won't go on too much of a rant at all, but WOW...amazing day at the DNC today.
Now that I've relocated I'm living the unemployed life. Yall should have seen me today. Laptop open on the coffee table with the live stream of the convention running. Me on the couch, remote in hand switching between MSNBC, CNN & TVOne. With most of the channels speaking over the bulk of the speeches (until later) I was alternating mute buttons on my computer and the remote, catching all that I could.

From the roll call to Obama's surprise appearance at the end of Joe "No Hair, Don't Care" Biden's speech, it was an amazing, inspiring day.

  • Harry Reid gave a great speech focused on our energy crisis.
  • Evan Bayh held it down, basically making room for himself to be in the 2016 talks.
  • Tom Daschle is my dude. Would have been a dope speech if he wasn't just so damn nice, lol.
  • ILL BILL CLINTON KNOCKED IT OUT THE PARK. PERIOD. As much as he and Hillary annoyed me during the primary, I must say that as a team they did what they needed to do during the DNC. I hope their support and "do the right thing" mentality carries forth over the next 75 days and into Obama's presidency.
  • John Kerry gave the speech of his lifetime. I hate that CNN didn't pick it up until halfway through but I was watching the live stream so I caught it from the beginning. Great attacks on McCain and the Bush adminstration.
  • Bill Richardson...I must have missed him somehow, I'll go back and watch tomorrow.
  • Beau Biden gave a moving introduction to his father, Joe Biden. He is VP material - one of the hardest working and most likeable politicans I've ever seen. Watch his speech. Watch his son's intro! Joe Biden is that dude.
Tomorrow is the main event. I'll be cooking dinner early, popping some popcorn, cracking open a Bud Light and watching history.

Go HERE for a live stream of the convention and to see all of the speeches over the past few days. Tonight's speeches aren't all up yet but I'm sure they will be by the morning. In the meantime, you can catch most of the coverage on Cnn.com, Msnbc.com, YouTube, or some combination of the three.


Obama '08. Vote.

2nd Street Skillfest! LA Come Out & Support!!!

Great show in LA coming up 9/13 featuring Supastition, Buff1, DJ Rhettmatic, Illmind, M-Phazes, and The Sole Vibe's own Fortlive along with Keelay & Zaire.

Wish I was making an appearance...working on it actually.


You Mad?

Look at this boot-licking Hillary supporter make an ass out of herself on CNN. "Experience count"...so does grammar fool. Ann Price Mills you have FAILED.

Common - Announcement (Feat. Pharrell)

How yall feel about this jawn?

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions & Tigers

I must have played this joint 20 times last week when I first heard it so I thought I would share. I think she has a quality voice that resembles Ms. Hill. Peep:

Lions & Tigers - Jazmine Sullivan

Stuck In My Head


Photo Intros Pt. 2

Meet your Donezilla contributors...

J. Canseco





You should know the rest of us by now...but here's some extra clownage for good measure.

My cake. Eatin' it too.

Inspector Blackout.

This one runs the gamut, @ the ?uestlove show.

At your show, booing.

Look at J and Agnew tho! Hahahahaha

?uest touched her hand. Not special.

I have no explanation for this.

Booksmart 1 & 2.

Umm...honorable mention?

Aight that's it for now, cut it out.


All them gimmick rap dances, step aside...

I would like to introduce you to...

The Urkel Dance:

Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Born Jahmaiah Lewis to beautiful Trinidadian parents - Jams seems to be the new movement though. I hail from the dopest city of them all Brooklyn, New York. Got something to say about it? Let’s get at it.

I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. You may ask why did I leave Brooklyn – I left for school. I’m enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh which is where I met all of these awesome contributors on this blog. We have become a family. And I’m proud to be the baby of the family. I’m lucky enough to have dynamic and fervent people to look up to. We are beautiful, honest and I must say a dope family. As M.I.A. says “No one on the corner got swagger like us.”

I’m majoring in Communication and Africana Studies with high hopes for graduate school. I’m passionate about a lot of things – mainly Barack Obama, the welfare of Black people, social change, and fashion. I list those three because that’s what I’ll most likely be discussing on this here blog.

So stay tuned. I’m excited to see what this turns into.


Jay Lewis

I discovered 2Pac!!

Real spiel. The year was 1991 I was entering the 2nd Grade but I already had a sharp ear for talent. Other kids was still thinking Sharon Lois and Bram's Elephant Show was the truth. NOPE. I heard the young man at the end of this song and I said to myself: this guys got "it". A year later he was a star. 5 years later somebody shot him. Grand opening, grand closing.

I'm J. Guevara and I approve this message.

Buy This For Me - UNDRCRWN Obama Tee

Spotted on Spike Lee @ the DNC, then over by DJ Hyphen's blog.
I can't even find this for purchase online.

Joell Ortiz on VIMBY



If you haven't heard, Michelle Obama gave an incredible speech yesterday at the Democratic National Convention. Her speech gave a personal account of her life as a daughter, sister, mother, and wife. If you didn't see the speech, check it out:

My Favorite NBA Player, Scottie Pippen, Part 1

Back in the day when basketball really meant something to me, everyone and their mamas was on Jordan's Hanes jock strap. Pippen was no slacker though. So to showcase his greatness I'm doing a 3 random part Pippen blog. First we have his greatest highlight, Scottie introducing Ewing to his nuts.

Terry Jones - Pittsburgh Comedian

This (young) man works hard. At the age of 21, he's already established himself as one of the premier comedy acts in Pittsburgh and is beginning to get a lot of exposure elsewhere. Not to mention, the man is hilarious. Check this snippet from his upcoming DVD, I'm Me.
Terry Jones-My Struggle NBC Auditions(I Slept in My Car)

And for a lil bonus footage, the best 50 Cent impression you'll ever see:
50 cent admits causing house fire

Photo Introductions to Mario Dones & Friends

So hopefully by now you've noticed a few new faces, but if you haven't, BLAOW.

Blackout Agnew, my brethren from JENESIS Magazine.

Speaking of JENESIS, the full staff:

L to R: Brandon Westbrook (Miami Vice), Donezilla, Blackout Ag, Jordan Beckham, Brian Tolbert (the creator)

Lankston Hughes, Lank Sinatra, Built Like a Lank. Mr Unexpected.

M. "The Academic" ROC. "College4Life"

And you'll be hearing from these ladies shortly.
Along with many others. More introductions coming as I get all of my contributors together.
Until then...foolishness.


Too cool to party.

Okay maybe not.


I appreciate that perfect groove that allows you to study and not do too much singing along to the track. This jawn right here is the perfect groove that allows me to bop my head and get my studying done at the same time. Check this groovy study yahmeanery right here:

The bol is nice...check out his album.

Its my first time... be gentle

It's my job to introduce myself to the good people of the interweb. I am Lank. George and Gretel named me Brian. I am a poet and philosopher and loudmouth. I am here basically to fill up space and hopefully entertain. Maybe make some people cry with my special brand of soft-ass-poem.

From my blogging or whatever, you can expect very little and very much all at once. Seizures, medications, and a lack of being beaten enough in my upbringing have allowed me the ability to ramble a lot with no need to a clear point. But whatever

I'll end this, my first blog in internet history with this...

Brian Francis - Septembers Harvest coming soon!!!!

The Next Jordan

If you thought he was nice at Memphis..
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet (c) Clay Davis

Chicago has no idea.

Nigga, Our Future Has No Future.

Our kids are gonna die.
They are really called "Them G-Spot Boyz"

W. Ellington Felton & Raheem Devaughn - Admit It (produced by Nick tha 1da)

Directed by DJ Roddy Rod!

This is from DMV producer Nick tha 1da's mysteriously un-findable album, The 1da Years.
Also from The 1da Years -

Mario Dones - Write Against Me (produced by Nick tha 1da)

Young Who - First Time Again Mixtape (Yeah, FREE)

Click the cover to download. From the email:

"peace sole vibe brethren and da shit fam members...

i wanted to send yall my first official mixtape. finally, right ? lol a little summer mix dedicated to love and love lost with ya boy anthony coleman II on a couple horn solos...

i hope ya'll enjoy, please feel free to forward this email and share the mixtape with your friends and friends of friends......

the link is below, please download and listen!!

also, if you have a blog or some sort of internet outlet..would you mind putting it up thurr ? i would appreciate the support.

big love to you all, hope summer 08 is peaceful and going well...get at me!


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B4IYP9F6 "


We're in Singapore, HOLLER!

Give it up to them for trying...and for knowing wassup EARLY, yall need to catch up...

Keelay & Zaire, Ridin High EP on iTunes right now.

Pete Rock VS. MidaZ the BEAST - Ozone's Finest - FREE Download

I don't care if you don't know who MidaZ is, download this RIGHT NOW.

Pete Rock VS. MidaZ the BEAST - Ozone's Finest - FREE DOWNLOAD

Press Release:

With each subsequent release, casual listeners and hip hop heads alike are learning more and more just why Orlando’s most ferocious emcee has earned himself the title of MidaZ the BEAST. Continuing in the vein of his prior release,’Grandmasters Remix Lp’, which paired the UJ Empire word warrior with an album’s worth f DJ Muggs production, MidaZ’s newest project finds him teamed up with another legendary hip hop producer.

‘Ozone’s Finest’ features MidaZ rocking over beats by none other than hip hop’s #1 Soul Brother, Pete Rock. “This album is me showcasing multiple styles,” says MidaZ. “I tried to show with this project that my mic game is tight…no matter what the drums do. I chose Pete Rock as my adversary because I believe he’s one of the greatest ever. I wanted to test my pen against greatness.”

Featuring guest appearances by Roc C of Stones Throw fame, Sabac Red (NonPhixion), Beretta 9 (Killarmy), TzariZM, IMAKEMADBEATS, and more, ‘Ozone’s Finest’ showcases the continuing evolution of a rapper whose vivid wordplay and razor-like agility on the microphone has earned him the praise of Wu-Tang’s Killarmy and Shyheim, Babygrande production duo Blue Sky Black Death, and anyone else who’s been blessed to witness the kid spit – all over the trademark Pete Rock sound that most consider to be the pinnacle of hip hop production. While the claim as ‘Ozone’s Finest’ currently sits under his belt, it’s only a matter of time before MidaZ expands his title to greater arenas.

Kam Moye - "Black Enough" (Video)

This is the everyday black man anthem. Just incase you've been under a rock the past couple of days, peep this provocative new video from the fam Kam Moye (b.k.a. Supastition).

DOM Kennedy - "Watermelon Sundae" (Video)

LA...just makes me wanna pack it up all over again.

[dig.] in the August Issue of JENESIS

Props to my homegirl Alley and her clothing line [dig.] getting the cover and full feature in JENESIS this month. Peep the whole feature @ JENESISmagazine.

Awww Shit!

I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Blackout Agnew. If you don't know me you will. I don't sing, rap, preach to congregations, and I'm to much of a n-word (to keep it funky) to be elected mayor. Somehow the internet messed up and let me own a magazine,
JENESIS Magazine that is. Donezilla invited me to speak on some things so here I am.

There's your introductory. Now read all the good things in this blog. Another plug, Donezilla writes the "Dirty Mic" column in the magazine too. Check it out www.jenesismagazine.com.


TiRon on VIMBY!

This had me dying. If you don't know who TiRon is you're losing. Props to the homie Crash for putting me on early in like '04. TiRon is part of the ever-growing hip-hop renaissance that's happening in LA right now. I lean on the homie Tunji as my tourguide. Peep.

And my favorite joint out right now:

TiRon - Throwing My Money

Kyte!? Gimme One!

So, I need one of these. Somebody hook that up. Hurry. I'll give you something ill.

If you're not up on Kyte and what it is, check out two of my new favorite acts in hip hop and their Kyte channels.

Pacific Division (the.best.group.out) :

Asher Roth:

Mario Dones - J. Fish Freestyle

Slappin up this old Fish beat. Yall shoulda seen his boat shoes. Yup, those are beat tags.
Funny how the past....nevermind, haha...Enjoy.

Mario Dones - J. Fish Freestyle

From Scratch

Wiped the blog clean. This is a season of new beginnings.

I'm back in Memphis for now. Blog is back in FULL effect. Well, how about NOW in full effect. It was in super neglect mode previously. Expect a bunch of that new...

Also, I'm going to have a few people from my circle butt their heads in[pause] around the blog, giving their insight on this world, music, and my clownin' self. I'll have each of them introduce themselves as they begin to post. In the meantime, yall know what it is. Posts covering whatever I want.

Important info:
"The Audacity of Dope" EP coming quite soon.
"The New Black" album in the works.
Still need management.

Raise the roof. We back.