Popeyes, Easy

What yall know bout Mrs. Winners tho

Colin Munroe - Who Killed Davey Moore? (Video)

Colin Munroe - Who Killed Davey Moore from josh lyon on Vimeo.
Dope. Off Colin's Unsung Hero mixtape. Directed by Josh Lyon

Emilio Rojas - Recession Proof (Mixtape)

It's here. It's bangin. It's free. Enjoy. I will be clowning your for those Emilio Rojas engraved dollar bills tho, believe that.

Download: Emilio Rojas - Recession Proof


New Ghostface! "Message from Ghostface"

New Ghostface. Ummm. Very interesting. Tried not to laugh in the beginning. Ghost can do no wrong. This is Fa Da Sista's.

Ghostface Killah - Message from Ghostface

We are a Nation of Cowards....nuh uh no we aint

They went in on this video. I personally would have punched dude with the quickness.

"oh yeah im back"

Snap-Shot Lopes!

So my favorite photographer in the world is Amanda Lopez. My other favorite photographer is also a woman with the last name of Lopez but we'll get into that at another time lol. Amanda has a link on my sidebar if you want to check out her website but she always runs a blog where she just posts random pictures, outtakes, all kinda lil extras lol. Check out the Pac Div preview and a few other pictures I thought were dope, below:


TiRon - 3 Drink Minimum ft. Ayomari

Check out this new video from my dude TiRon for 3 Drink Minimum, off his mixtape, Ketchup, available now for free all over the internets.