Watch your attire on Election Day

I recieved this e-mail this morning about watching your attire at the polls on November 4th:


Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 11:58 AM

Subject: Urgent Poll Info

Please, please, please advise everyone you know that they absolutely can NOT go to the polls wearing any Obama (or whoever you are voting for) shirts, pins, hats, etc. It is AGAINST THE LAW and will be grounds to have the polling officials to turn you away. This is considered campaigning and no one can campaign within X amount of feet of the polls. They are banking on us being overly excited and not being aware of this long standing law that you can bet will be ENFORCED THIS YEAR!!!!!

They are banking that if you are turned away, you will not go home and change your clothes and return to the polls to vote. Please just don't wear ANY gear of any sorts to the polls! Please share this information with as many people as you can. If you are already aware of this, please don't take it as insulting your intelligence.

Have a great day and see you at the polls on November 4th.

After doing some research in my typical nerdy fashion lol, I found this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Voters can wear campaign buttons to polls, Pa. says

HARRISBURG - Voters who show up at the polls wearing campaign buttons or T-shirts should be allowed to cast ballots, the Pennsylvania Department of State has told county elections officials.

State Elections Commissioner Chet Harhut said that, as long as a voter does not try to campaign in the polling place, his or her attire should not matter. Harhut's position was outlined in a memo sent out last week. "Of primary concern is that no duly registered person be turned away at the polls," Harhut said. "If the conduct and apparel of a voter is determined to be more than passive, it should be addressed by the district election officials."

The Pennsylvania chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union had sought clarification about the issue because of voter complaints in recent elections from Allegheny, Lancaster, Montgomery and York Counties.

Harhut said it is reasonable for counties to prohibit poll watchers from wearing clothing or buttons that "show or advocate the election of a candidate or candidates of a specific political party." - AP

With all the crazy stuff going on like counties saying you can't vote because your house is foreclosed so technically that's not your address (http://wonkette.com/402689/foreclosed-homeowners-dont-deserve-to-vote)...I think I'll just be cautious and rock a white t lol....

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