Shellie Is In Da M*thaF*ckin HOUSE!!!

So BRI u weren't da last to introduce ya self!!

What up Bloggers...My name is Shellie..known as Bells 2 da fam!! Imma 22 yr. old Slippery Rock University Alumni (Class of 2008 Baby) lookin 4 a job!! Public Health Major and a Psychology Minor...So get at me if ya know of a job!!! hahaha...No really....

I guess Im best known 4 my one liners....n sheer stupidity! I love to engage in intellectual conversations about issues regarding the BLACK COMMUNITY....n understandin our history to improve all of our futures. Sankofa is my moto...(Look it up if you don't kno what it means).

Like many I support OBAMA...in fact afta listenin 2 latarian milton's radio interview I too ENDORSE BARACK OBAMA!!! No really Obama is truly a dream come true n i'm honored to b able to vote 4 such a candidate!! I am a veteran shit talker....It's all in good fun!!! hahaha...so expect interestin comments from me on ya blog posts. I believe dat laughter is a vital part of life.... N life without it isn't such a good life at all!! Therefore, it is a necessity 4 those around me 2b sum positive, funny ass, motivated individuals.... Thank the Lord I've actually got sum dope people in my life that fit the bill!!!! N to end my introduction...i'd like to quote one of da greatest songs of all time in sayin...

"Boats n Hoes. Boats n Hoes. I gotta have me my Boats n Hoes." - Step Brothers


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Bri said...

I vote yes. I VOTE YES!