The Foreign Exchange

Woke up today to two nice things.

First was the reply from Nicolay. I'm a fan first so getting a reply from a producer or artist I support makes me feel good.

Second was the email from Nicolay's website saying the FIRST Single from the new Foreign Exchange album was ready for download....FREE. Now if you don't know who Foreign Exchange is, it's Nicolay (from the Netherlands recently moved to NC) and Phonte of Little Brother on a collaborative album.

Now if you haven't heard the first album, Connected, go run into a brick wall. One of my top 5 albums so go find it. Go to the website at http://www.theforeignexchangemusic.com/ and get the single it's dope. "Daykeeper" ft. Muhsinah



Globetrot Dones said...

they still aint emailed me mine yet, i'm gettin a lil frustrated

JENESIS said...

Lol nigga just go to the site.