LOL @ McCain/The Republicans Throwing the Election

No explanation necessary. They are throwing this election.
Believe me now or believe me later, but it's true.

Yeah, she's covering her stomach.


Lank Sinatra said...

its the one in the black thats pregnant, holding a baby already.. Black is very slimming. I feel that although this young lady's pregnancy debunks alot of the republican talking points about moral high-ground, it is important not to focus on the family of Sarah Palin. It's not our business in the grand scheme of things. It is vital to look at the gaping holes in their positions rather than their personal family issues.

I am a fan of politicians with egg on their face, but being a pregnant, 17 year old girl is rough enough. I am happy to see the RNC spinning and sputtering. I am excited to see where this ends up.

Globetrot Dones said...

Oh let it be known. This isn't just a small part of why I think they are throwing the election. It's not me looking down on Palin's family, or her daughter's situation. What I'm saying is they, the republicans, are way smarter than we give them credit for. The decisions they are making don't line up with trying to win an election. They are handing Barack the election. I think they gave up a while ago. It's actually pretty disrepectful, but it's the truth (truth as in, one of my theories).

The Academic said...
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The Academic said...

Real talk...I have always known the republicans to be two things: extremely united and strategically smart. I don't see how they could have dropped the ball like this with that VP pick. McCain's whole "Obama is not experienced" attack is no longer valid because he picked the least experienced person out of the bunch. The fact that McCain seemingly made poor and rash choice is making me nervous because I feel like there might be something else brewing in the dungeons of the Republican Party...

Lank Sinatra said...

The amazingly frightening thing about this pick is that it might be so bad it can work in their favor.

The Republican party is quite good at political alchemy. This woman is a series of contradictions and faulty ideas. But what they have on their side is that they can turn that shit into sugar buy (under)estimating the majority of Americans intelligence and attention to detail/fact.

With Palin you get to do what some Hilary supporters were doing with the sexism attacks. Any criticism will be labeled sexist and reference how poorly Obama and the media treated Hilary. In itself to compare Palin's work to Hilary's is insulting to women, but not everyone looks beneath that veneer to see that this is all talk.

Maybe because I fundamentally disagree with so many of their ideas and stances, but everything reeks of confusion, manipulation, deception and desperation.

Republican attacks are not even based in fact. They are just capitalizing on being pro war being perceived as pro American (whatever that really is) and pro soldier. Enough flags and tough talk and you can fool a lot of people.

Governor Palin has no experience with anything, but they are trying to say that a President Obama is even less qualified that her.

At the end of the day I look at her as a person with no global plan and just a series of "moral" stances to stand on. That type of inexperience and lack of any clear concept of the world at large is what got us into the last 8 years of foolishness. I'm sure Republicans are banking on still doing what they do so well; politicizing issues in ways that appeal to the lowest common denominators and some of the worst of us all in America to get what they want. A Puppet.

It has worked before.

Rev. Daniel W. Blair said...

Why are the Republicans throwing the election?

As a Christian minister of the gospel I am appalled at the behavior of both Senator McCain and Governor Palin. As a registered Republican for many years and fearful of what will happen if Obama wins the election I feel it necessary that I speak out and publicly admonish both McCain and Palin. They have both taken on the strategy of the world by vehemently attacking their opponent with half truths and smear tactics. By using the weapons of this world they are about to forfeit their campaign and destroy this country in the process.

How can Palin who claims to be a born again Christian stoop to this kind of behavior and arrogant pride when she should be using spiritual weapons in this struggle against evil? As a Christian I am ashamed and call on her to repent and ask the Christian community to stand behind them in prayer. Let them both stop attacking and start telling the people how McCain can be a better president. Lay out your plans clearly which have been bathed in thoughtful prayer. If you loose this campaign you will have no one to blame but yourself.

As a Spirit filled Christian I do not trust in government to solve this country’s problems nor do I trust in either of you for you (Palin & McCain) have plainly demonstrated your character. Therefore, I call on you today to humble yourself before the Lord Jesus Christ and repent. And if you are fortunate to win this election then I call upon you to lead this country back to serving God rather than self.
Rev. Daniel W. Blair