Fa Sista's Only

So I'm doing my regular MySpace browsing...and the beautiful thing about it is I can always bet on coming across some hilarious pages. My current favorite are the self proclaimed MySpace divas. So I'm reading this girl's page, laughing hysterically. She's got this blog titled "Fa Sista's Only" so you know...with a title like that I had to check it out. Here's what I found. A lil advice....fa my sista's

Determining Your G.Q. (Girlfriend Quotient)

Think you've got what it takes to be a Girlfriend? Not everybody qualifies. There are friends, there are girlfriends and there are Real Girlfriends. Check out these Golden Rules of Girlfriends to find out if you are a "Real" Girlfriend ...
A Real Girlfriend will help you plan your wedding even if you don't have a boyfriend yet.

A Real Girlfriend tapes "Oprah" for you whenever Denzel is on.

A Real Girlfriend will give you a play-by-play of "All My Children" when your VCR is broken.

A Real Girlfriend always has emergency lotion in case of ashy knees.

A Real Girlfriend won't talk badly about your new boyfriend just because he currently resides with his mama.

A Real Girlfriend worries with you while you wait to see if the test strip turns blue.

A Real Girlfriend will run out and get you toilet paper when you're trapped in the bathroom.

A Real Girlfriend will lie about your bald spot after your relaxer fails.

A Real Girlfriend will pay your layaway even if she hates the outfit.

A Real Girlfriend will accompany you while you drive by his house ... again.

A Real Girlfriend will help you make crank calls to your ex's new woman.

A Real Girlfriend will tell you when something is hanging out of your nose.

A Real Girlfriend will lend you one of her eggs -- and we're not talking dairy here.

A Real Girlfriend will watch UPN with you at 9:30 on Monday nights.

A Real Girlfriend will hold you up when you're too drunk to squat.

A Real Girlfriend will date the repo man until you get your credit together.

A Real Girlfriend will tell you that you look like Halle Berry when you really look like Chuck Berry.

A Real Girlfiiend will help you tweeze the hairs on your chin.

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